County Clubroot Map Now Available


Lac Ste. Anne County has produced a map available to the public, showing where clubroot has been found within our boarders. The map identifies properties without identifying ownership or who may be farming the land. The map is available for viewing at the Lac Ste. Anne County Administration Building, 56521 Range Road 65.



Due to an increase in precipitation during the last two growing seasons, we have seen a correlated increase in the spread of the clubroot pathogen. Clubroot of canola is one of the most economically impactful agricultural pathogens in Alberta, and as such is being studied intensively by both public and private industry. However, it is clear that there is no simple cure to this plant disease, and the best method is prevention. This is done through longer crop rotations, cleaning equipment between fields, and resistant genetics.

Another way to prevent the spread of the pathogen to previously uninfected fields is to monitor where the pathogen has currently been found. The usefulness in monitoring the presence and spread of clubroot throughout the county is immeasurable. We hope that producers within the County will use this map to assist with planning their rotations, and take extra care to reduce soil movement between fields in high-risk areas.

If you are a producer within Lac Ste. Anne County, we invite you to view our newly released clubroot map to aid in your seeding plans for 2018. Our Agricultural Services Department would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this.

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Founded in 1944, Lac Ste. Anne County is a municipal district in central Alberta, Canada. It is located in Census Division 13, roughly 45 minutes northwest of Edmonton. The County's administrative office is located at 56521 Range Road 65. Its namesake comes from its largest body of water, Lac Ste. Anne.

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