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There are multiple economic development advantages for entrepreneurs in rural Alberta, but the Lac Ste. Anne region is an especially attractive area to build or expand a business.

Investors and business owners benefit from our development-friendly processes, our proximity to Edmonton, and a diversity of untapped opportunities. Those who make their home in the County are invariably met with close-knit communities, quality of life, affordability, and easy access to services.

Key Differentiators

What makes Lac Ste. Anne County such an attractive destination to do business?

Provincial Statistics

Economic datapoints and insights curated by the Government of Alberta.

Economic Indicators


Agriculture is a foundational element of the County's economic development strategy. The agriculture sector generates millions annually and contributes to the local economy and community fabric in a multitude of ways. The County is a major producer of various cereal crops, in addition to major livestock operations, greenhouses and nurseries.

  • 287,625 acres of arable farmland
  • 354,825 acres of pasture


The Lac Ste. Anne  region is home to metal fabricators for energy and agricultural producers. Due to the vital ag sector, value-added food processors have also carved out a niche, including:

Mineral/Aggregate Extraction

About 13% of provincial aggregates can be found within the Upper Athabasca region. Aggregate extraction is the primary industrial activity in the County’s watersheds. Sand and gravel are used in road construction, ground fill, backfill in mines, railway beds, ice control on roads, and they are aggregate components of asphalt and concrete. Local producers include:

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