Fire Permits

Back up Your Burning Activities with a Permit

The Fire season in Lac Ste. Anne County begins April 1st annually. Effective January 13, 2011, the County established a year-round permitting system. This means that AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR a Fire Permit must be obtained from your local Fire Guardian for ANY BURNING you would like to do.

Special Event Permits

Plan Your Special Event or Festival

Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor event, locating it on County or private property, opening the event to the public or keeping it private, the following special event permits will help you determine the permits, approvals and information you will need. We have listed some of the most common permits required for special events below, and encourage you to connect with the County department associated with your planned activity.

Development Permits

Make Sure your Plans are Approved

A development permit approves the use of a site, as well as the size and location of any buildings or structures. Development permit approvals must be obtained for new construction, renovations, businesses, and changes of use to existing buildings. A development permit is written approval from the County that your plans are in accordance with the Lac Ste. Anne County Land Use Bylaw. You are required to have a valid development permit before you can apply for a building permit to construct the building or structure, or to apply for a business license.

Development Permit Info Package

Development Permit Brochure


Development permit applications are encouraged to be submitted in person, where staff will screen it and ensure your submission is complete. Applications can be made by an agent or consultant on behalf of a landowner. For major and/or complex development proposals, an applicant may request a pre-application meeting before formally submitting a development permit application.

Zoning and Regulations

The Land Use Bylaw outlines the uses and development regulations of a particular zone. All development permit applications must meet the zoning regulations of the property, including land use, lot dimensions, lot area, etc. To verify the property zoning, check out your property within the Land Use Bylaw.

Applications, Forms & Permits

Promoting Well-Managed Regional Activities

Lac Ste. Anne County issues permits and licences for the development, construction and use of all commercial, industrial, institutional or residential properties and buildings. The County also issues other types of permits such as fire permits for landowners planning to burn debris, or firewworks and special event permits for festivals and events. These permits set standards for the health and safety of the citizens of Lac Ste Anne County, and help the County maintain its status as a great place to live, work, play and do business.

If you're starting a new business or making changes to an existing one, there are some essential rules and regulations you must consider in order to operate your business in Lac Ste Anne County. Being completely informed of the required permits will assist in a smooth process to get your business operational. Use the table below to download the permits that apply to you. Depending upon the nature of your business, some applicants may be required to obtain a valid provincial or federal licence.

All County Applications, Forms & Permits

Development Permit Appeal FormIf you would like to appeal a decision on a development permit or the conditions of a development permitPlanning & Development
Stop Order Appeal FormIf you would like to appeal an issued Stop Order as you do not agree with the order or time frame to remedyPlanning & Development
Subdivision Appeal FormIf you would like to appeal a decision on a subdivision or the conditions of a subdivision approvalPlanning & Development
Application for Encroachment AgreementEncroachmentPlanning & Development
Application for Letter of CompliancePlanning & Development

Building Permit Application Form

Application for new homes or additionPlanning & Development
Business License General InformationProcess, requirements & definitions of business licenseBusiness
Business License ApplicationApplication to operate a business in Lac Ste. Anne CountyBusiness
Business License Renewal/Amendment ApplicationApplication to amend, or renew an exisiting business operating in LSACBusiness
Commercial/Industrial/Home Based Development Permit ApplicationApplication for Commercial, Industrial, Intensive Livestock, Home Based BusinessesPlanning & Development
Development Permit Application AggregateApplication required for the extraction or processing of aggregate or sandPlanning & Development
Development Permit Application FormApplication required for the majority of developmentsPlanning & Development
Development Permit Kennel ApplicationBreeding or Boarding Kennel, Grooming or Obedient Lessons or TrainingPlanning & Development
Electrical Permit Application FormApplication to install or amend electricalPlanning & Development
Gas Permit ApplicationApplication to install or amend gas Planning & Development
Appeal Form SubdivisionIf you would like to appeal a decision on a subdivision or the conditions of a subdivision approval wwhen adjacent to a highway, water body, wastewater treatment, landfillPlanning & Development
Plumbing Permit ApplicationApplication to install or amend plumbingPlanning & Development
Redistricting Amending Bylaw ApplicationPlanning & Development
Re-Open Safety Code PermitRe-open a closed Safety Code Permit to complete work and have required inspectionsPlanning & Development
Road Closure ApplicationPlanning & Development
Special Event for RVs ApplicationSpecial EventsPlanning & Development
Special Events Application - PilgrimageApplication required for annual PilgrimagePlanning & Development
Special Events Application With SketchSpecial EventsPlanning & Development
Subdivision ApplicationApplication required to divide a piece of land into 2 or more parcels of landPlanning & Development
Time Extension Request - Safety CodesExtend the length of time a permit is open to complete required work and have inspectedPlanning & Development
Special Events Application - Major EventsSpecial EventsPlanning & Development
Decks, Guardrails, handrails, Stairs Information SheetBuildingPlanning & Development
Dust Control ApplicationPublic Works
General Municipal Servicing StandardsGuidelines for construction of municipal improvements and systems.Planning & Development
Rural Address Sign Order FormApplication form to have rural address signage panels fabricated for landowner properties.Geographic Information Services
Transfer Station Card RequestRequest form for Transfer Station Cards that allow residents to use County transfer stations.Utilities
Private Sewage Permit ApplicationApplication to install or amend septic systems.Planning & Development
No-Spray AgreementApplication to exempt property from County herbicide spraying program.Agricultural Services
Solid Waste GuidelinesGuidelines and information on using the County solid waste utility.Utilities
Transfer Station Card InfosheetUtilities
Burial Application and PermitCemetery Services
Burial Deed Purchase ApplicationCemetery Services
Cemetery Contractor AgreementCemetery Services
Cemetery Entrance FormCemetery Services
Monument Registration FormCemetery Services
Notice of DisintermentCemetery Services
Application for Approach ConstructionPublic Works
Country Residential Road Surfacing PetitionPublic Works
Subdivision Application Inspection RequestPlanning & Development
Application for Approach ConstructionPublic Works

Building Codes & Standards

Keeping County Structures on Spec

The Safety Codes Act, Alberta Building Code, and other applicable Codes and Standards regulate how buildings are designed, built, or renovated to protect the health and safety of the occupants.

Lac Ste. Anne County is accredited for Safety Codes Approval in all areas (building, electrical, gas/propane, plumbing and private sewage disposal) except fire, primary electrical and telecommunications lines.

Obtaining all the Safety Code Permits (building, electrical, plumbing, gas, and private sewage permits) are a requirement of the Alberta Safety Codes Act. For Lac Ste. Anne County they are issued through the Planning & Development. The permits allow 90 days for completion after permit approval. If necessary, before the permit expires, you may apply for a time extension.

PLEASE NOTE: If you begin any work before obtaining a Safety Codes Permit, fees will be tripled.

Fees for Safety Codes Services Bylaw

Some of the Basics

Every new home built in Alberta is protected under warranty, thanks to Alberta's New Home Buyer Protection Act.

New homes (single detached family homes/duplexes/multi-family homes/condominiums/manufactured homes/recreational properties) include, at a minimum, a warranty for:

  • One year labour and materials
  • Two years for defects in labour and materials related to delivery and distribution systems
  • Five years building envelop protection, with a requirement for the warranty provider to offer the consumer the option to purchase additional years of coverage and,
  • 10 year coverage for major structural components.

Learn more about Alberta's better warranty standards and get to know your role at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Effective date: The Act applies only to new homes constructed under a building permit applied for on or after February 1, 2014 in-force date of the Act.

Building Code Information

Checklists and Information

Permit Handbook

Safety Code Application Forms

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