Reeve Underscores Need for COVID-19 Compliance

Reeve Blakeman's message to the community reinforces the need for consistent adherence to the province's physical distancing, mass gatherings and self isolation.

As we continue to navigate the fast and ever-shifting currents of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’d like to issue a friendly but critical reminder to the communities of Lac Ste. Anne County. I can't stress strongly enough the importance of heeding the provincially-mandated rules on physical distancing, mass gatherings and self isolation.

In simple language this means stay home if at all possible. If you must leave home for essential supplies, do so with an abundance of caution for yourself and your fellow citizens. When venturing outside the County for essentials, please be mindful that the service sector is low on sleep, high on stress, and extra-deserving of our patience and respect right now. I am confident our municipal neighbours will extend similar courtesy and open-mindedness in kind.

Again, it's extremely important that we all follow the rules to the letter. It's not just common decency; it’s the law.

The Government of Alberta is leveraging the top medical minds in Canada to map the course of the pandemic and flatten its curve. In order for the model to work, we must play our role. Failure to do so will almost certainly result in a lengthened pandemic or new waves of contagion.

At present, our best weapon against the COVID-19 contagion is one another. By following some basic rules like keeping our distance and staying put, we will each be doing our part to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. If we all pull together on this (as is our nature), we will without a doubt be saving lives and helping our region get back on solid footing.

Together, with everyone’s cooperation, we will get through this.

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