Dealing with Door-to-Door Sales

In Alberta, most companies that sell products door-to-door must be licensed under the Consumer Protection Act and the Direct Selling Business Licensing Regulation. Licensed businesses are required to post a security such as a bond if the contract is worth more than $25. If you make a purchase and later encounter problems, you may be able to get some or all of your money back by making a claim against the security.

Door-to-door salespeople must carry identification that includes their company's business licence number. Before you allow a door-to-door seller into your home or office, ask to see their identification. For a handy guide on dealing with door-to-door salespeople, Click Here.

Call the County at 1.866.880.5722 to confirm that a business is licensed. Alternately, you can visit the Service Alberta Website or call 1.877.427.4088 for further information about business regulations and consumer protections in Alberta.


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