Municipal Leaders Launch COVID-19 Media Campaign

In the wake of Alberta's recent declaration of a State of Public Health Emergency due to COVID-19, County Council is working with the autonomous towns and summer villages within its borders to reinforce the importance of universal public compliance with the heightened provincial restrictions.

Appropriately coined Bend the Curve, the joint municipal media campaign reminds community members of the power they possess to bend the curve downward on COVID-19 numbers. It also sends a message of gratitude to locals who already support the greater social good by heeding the public health restrictions.

"By consistently following AHS rules like self- isolating and physical distancing, we are making altruistic choices that help keep each other safe - especially our vulnerable populations," stated County Reeve Joe Blakeman, architect of the Bend the Curve campaign.

Awareness of this messaging is being supported via web and social media channels of the County and partner municipalities including Mayerthorpe, Onoway and Alberta Beach. A digital ad campaign has also been launched in an effort to reach every household in the region during the holiday season.

An informational microsite has been launched by the partner municipalities at The site breaks down the provincial regulations in simple terms, and provides some sobering local numbers to drive home the importance of heeding the health restrictions. It also leverages important regional data and resources, including daily updates from Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

"This is our shared duty as rural Albertans," continued Reeve Blakeman. "Challenging times are ahead, and I'm asking Lac Ste. Anne citizens to do their part. Together we can win this."

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