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County Launches Feature Video Channel

A new section of the County website serves up video segments designed to highlight regional challenges and milestones, and to provide much-needed context behind key County issues. This new content resides in the Regional Issues section of the County website, and can also be found at the memorable address

The County's intent is to add new interviews and feature video content from County spokespeople and resident experts on agriculture, roadworks and other areas of public interest.

Launched December 20, 2020, this new section presently features Reeve Joe Blakeman's 2020 year-end address, plus a series of feature videos that unpack current County issues in greater detail.

"I'm proud to introduce our new forum for providing background and context behind everything that we're doing in the County," stated Reeve Blakeman. The good news stories; the bad news stories; all of it. We've heard loud and clear that transparency is a priority for ratepayers. I'm confident this new channel will help in this regard."

Click Here to review Reeve Blakeman's 2020 year end address and feature videos.

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