County Offers Verbenone for Mountain Pine Beetle Mitigation

Mountain pine beetles (MPB) attack and kill mature pine trees (roughly 80 years and older). Alberta has four native species of pine - lodgepole, jack, limber and whitebark – all of which are all vulnerable to infestation by beetles.

The County carries a product called Verbenone, used in spot applications to help prevent beetles from attacking valued trees. Verbenone pouches can be attached to specific high value trees chosen to be protected. Verbenone is an anti-aggregation pheromone used to prevent attacks on healthy pine trees. It is not a pesticide, but a naturally-occurring chemical that mimics a heavily infested tree. As a consequence, beetles may avoid attacking trees treated with this chemical. Verbenone is specific to MPB and is not a pesticide.

Verbenone Available May 17 Until Supplies Last

Small pouches of Beetle Block Verbenone can protect mature pine trees from attack by mountain pine beetles. Verbenone orders are available for pickup at the County Administration Office starting Monday, May 17 and continuing until supplies are gone.

  • $10/pouch, payable by credit card in advance
  • Typically, one pouch is needed for single trees. For stands of multiple trees, pouches are placed every 10 to 15 meters throughout the stand of pine

If your trees are attacked, it is extremely important to initiate control action on infested trees prior to mid-June, when mature beetles begin to emerge and fly to new sites. The application of repellent pheromones like verbenone must be completed before the beetles emerge to look for new host trees. For the best results, a fresh pouch should be placed on the tree part way through the year

To consult with the County about verbenone, or to book a purchase, please contact Lac Ste. Anne County Horticulturist Lorraine Taylor at 780.785.3411 or ltaylor (@)<.

Visit the Weed and Pest Control section of the County website for more mountain pine beetle mitigation information and resources.

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