Humane Beaver Trapping Reminder

This is a reminder to those who coexist with our local wildlife — specifically beavers in this case.

Killing beavers and leaving their carcasses without removing the fur for the predators is highly disrespectful to the animal. In addition, it is illegal to hunt or trap any wildlife on any of Lac Ste Anne County’s reserve property. Those who have concerns or problems with beavers are strongly advised to contact the County Administration Office and speak with our Problem Wildlife Officer.

Excerpt from the Code for Responsible Trapping

During trapping operations, trappers are expected to: show compassion for the animals they capture; know and practice proper releasing and killing methods; and dispose of animal carcasses properly. The complete Code for Responsible Trapping can be found on Page 10 of the 2020-21 Alberta Guide to Trapping Regulations.

As stated in the 2020-21 Alberta Guide to Trapping Regulations, Fur-bearing animals must be trapped using methods that are proven to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. The manner in which animals are trapped is a concern of many Albertans, including trappers. Please ensure that if you are trapping beavers to follow the Code of Responsible Trapping, available at

"The values of respect and stewardship for the land and the species that inhabit it are very closely held by those in the trapping community. Theses values help ensure that trapping activity in Alberta meets the highest ethical and humane standards."
— Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks

Spring Beaver Trap Advisory

Please note that the County’s beaver abatement program will soon be underway. This program includes setting beaver traps in problematic locations. If you encounter a beaver trap, do not go near or touch it; beaver traps are dangerous devices that are designed to kill instantly. Dog owners are strongly advised to leash their pets when in lesser-traveled marshy areas. Traps are placed in ditches and ravines, and are kept away from public trails and off-leash areas for the protection of dogs, park users and other wildlife. Visit for details on the beaver abatement program.

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