Annual Weed and Crop Inspection Scheduled To Begin Soon

This is a friendly reminder that Lac Ste. Anne County’s annual crop and weed inspection program to prevent the spread of noxious and prohibited weeds will begin shortly. 

During the inspection, the Agricultural Services team inspects all canola fields for visible symptoms of clubroot on canola plants, as per Policy 02-010-003 – Control of Clubroot Disease.

As always, inspection crews will exercise extreme care when entering fields to minimize any potential spread of crop issues from field to field. Precautions include the use of disposable boots and/or disinfection with a bleach solution prior to entering any field.

Keep an eye out for additional updates and information regarding this year's inspection. If you have questions or comments about the annual clubroot inspection program, please contact Agriculture Services at 780.785.3411 (toll-free 1.866.880.5722) or AgServices (@)

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