Stay Alert for Slow-Moving Farm Vehicles

The County wishes to remind drivers to pay attention to slow moving farm equipment. There is an increase of farming equipment on the region’s roadways, so please remain mindful of the potential of meeting a larger piece of machinery.

Keep your distance from farm equipment on roadways, drive the appropriate speed limit, and stick to your side of the road — especially during curves and hills. Motorists are thanked for their patience and courtesy as we share the motorways this season. 

Three Simple Steps for Farm Safety

  1. Leave space between your car and farm equipment. A car can travel the distance of a football field in five seconds. Give yourself enough time to stop. Note: large machines often need to veer right in order to turn left.
  2. Be visible - maintain your equipment. Look for the bright orange triangles signifying a slow moving vehicle. Make sure your lights are on, and that you are visible to the vehicles around you.
  3. Please be patient. Everyone wants to get to point B safely. Please show respect and consideration to your neighbours and fellow farmers. If you live in places where farm equipment will be moved, give yourself extra time to reach your destination. This is one of the most stressful times of the year — farmers want to get off the road as fast and as safely as they can.

Remember to take the time to put safety first on the roadways, on your farm and for your family. Motorists are thanked for doing their part to keep our roadways safe.

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