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Gravel Road Ban Lifts May 20, 2022

Pursuant to the authority granted under the provisions of Section 18(1) of the Municipal Government Act, vehicle axle weight restrictions have been lifted FOR GRAVEL ROADS ONLY as of 2:00 pm on Friday, May 20th, 2022.

Please visit the Road Bans & Restrictions page of the County website to view the Road Ban Notice and related details.

Hard surfaced restrictions Remain in Effect

Please note that only gravel road restrictions have been lifted; vehicle axle weight restrictions for all hard-surfaced County roads shall remain in effect year-round, or as warranted by changes to road conditions.

Please direct any questions regarding this program to the Public Works department at 780.785.3411 or publicworks (@)

Managing and Mitigating Infrastructure Strain

Lac Ste. Anne County is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of all municipal roads, highways and bridges within Lac Ste. Anne County which are under the direction, control and management of the County. A very important part of this responsibility is the protection of roadways during the spring thaw; a time of year that can create serious structural damage to roads and bridges if appropriate measures are not taken.

When a road ban occurs, signs indicating the allowed axle percentages are posted on some oiled surfaces and subdivisions. Road ban signage is not posted on gravel roads; however, all roads will be monitored and road bans enforced by Lac Ste. Anne County Enforcement Services to ensure compliance.

Motorists are thanked for their compliance with the standing hard surfaced road restrictions.

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