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Avoid Pushing Snow Onto County Roadways

It may seem harmless enough — but when snow is pushed across a road surface into the opposite ditch or directly onto roads, you may put your family, friends and neighbors at great risk.

When the tires of a vehicle encounter the ridges left on the roadway from snow being pushed across it or piles of snow are left littering the road, such occurrences can cause a driver to lose control.

The County’s Traffic Bylaw 22-2021, Section 7 (3), subsections a and b refer to such infractions as follows:

No Obstruction of any kind including but not limited to snow or ice, construction material, earth, debris, dirt, gravel, fence, landscaping material, rock, sand, tree or vegetation shall be made or placed in, upon or above any highway or public property.

a. Excavate in any highway or road allowance or remove any earth, gravel or asphalt from any highway, road allowance or property owned by the municipality; or

b. Operate or permit any farm implement or thing whatsoever to be operated on the side slope or the top of the grade of any highway so as to injure the surface.

Anyone contravening the provisions of this section is guilty of an offence and liable to a specified penalty for the first offence of $500.00.

Traffic Bylaw 22-2021 is not merely in place to protect the condition of roads, but to set guidelines to increase safety for the public. Simply put: when any driving surface is altered in any way, safety is affected.

The County respectfully asks that all property owners remain mindful of this important safety message when clearing snow — both this winter and into the future.

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