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Looking for Information About our Land Use Bylaw?

Our Current Land Use Bylaw

The County's current Land Use Bylaw (LUB) was approved in 2013 and had updates in 2019. To implement this Bylaw extensive community engagement was conducted including direct mailouts, a public steering committee and multiple public meetings. As a direct result of public engagement hundreds of amendments were made to reflect the needs of the community.

The LUB is a living document that can be changed to reflect the community's needs as time progresses. Currently LSAC has no plans to make any significant amendments to the LUB. 


Visit our Land Use Bylaw Page

The LUB is the governing document for development in Lac Ste. Anne County. It includes various particulars, including Land Use Districts, Development Regulations and Administrative Procedures. To view the current copy of our Land Use Bylaw please visit our Land Use Bylaw page. 


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