Cast Your Vote for the Best Calendar Photos

Voting is underway for this year’s Capture the County Photo Contest! The submissions are in, and they’re pretty spectacular. Now's your chance to vote for the ones you love across three categories: Faces we Love, Things to do, and Places to See.

The top 13 most popular photos will be featured in the County calendar (one for each month plus the cover), and their shooters will each receive $100. Voting closes Sunday, November 8 at midnight. Enjoy the submissions, and best of luck to all the participants in this year's photo contest!


Voting Rules

Voting Couldn't be simpler. Just visit between now and November 8 to browse the categorized submissions. See a pic you like? Click the heart beside it. The most popular photos will shift to the top of their categories.

Vote for the photos you like, and as often as you like (within reason). Because some people vote from offices and public spaces, voting is not restricted by IP address. However, five-minute timeout is in place to discourage repetitive voting for one image.

Fair voting largely relies on the honour system, but voting irregularities will be flagged and excessive votes from one IP address will be removed. Please note that top-voted photos may still be disqualified if they fail to meet submission requirements. Best of luck to all the participants! $100 each goes to the 13 most popular pics, which will then be featured in the 2021 County calendar.

Winner Selection

Voting closes November 8 at midnight. On November 9, the photos with the most votes will be inspected to ensure they meet the requirements outlined in the contest rules:

  • Photos must have a resolution of at least 3600 pixels by 2700 pixels
  • Photos must have adequate contrast and colour balance for printing purposes
  • Photos must be in landscape (horizontal) format)
  • Photos must be in colour

If a top-voted photo fails to meet the requirements, it will be disallowed and the next entry in line will be inspected. This process will be repeated until 13 phots have been selected. The County will then contact the winners and arrange for the prize payouts.

Participation in the Capture the County Photo Contest constitutes full and unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, the Terms & Conditions indicated during the submission process.

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