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Stewarding the County and Serving its Residents

Lac Ste. Anne County's departments and divisions operate under the leadership of the Chief Administrative Officer. The Chief Administrative Officer reports to County Council and implements the priorities and strategic initiatives approved by Council. A General Manager leads each Department.

Organizational Chart

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Community & Protective Services

Through its Community & Protective Services departments, the County provides a spectrum of customized services designed to address community issues, support local producers, and maintain regional safety and security. Community & Protective Services encompasses the dynamic and dedicated individuals within the County’s Fire Services, Agricultural Services and Community Services departments. These teams endeavour to create positive experiences for ratepayers, and work diligently to meet the needs of a growing community.


Lac Ste. Anne County Agricultural Services encourages production, profitability and sustainability of the agriculture industry in Lac Ste. Anne County through information and program support. Direction for programming is provided by the Lac Ste. Anne County Agricultural Services Board. Agricultural Services supports the development of diversified, competitive and profitable agriculture and agri-business industries that contribute to the economic, environmental and social prosperity of the Lac Ste. Anne County region.

Aren Skogstad
Agricultural Services Manager

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: askogstad (@)


The County’s Community Services department provides customized services that enhance the capacity of community leaders, organizations, and individual residents to achieve their goals, address community issues and make a positive contribution to the region. Community Services works hard to assist various community groups that provide programs to residents. Through a number of grants, we are able to offer various groups financial assistance to help carry out their programs and services.

Donna Kerr
Community Services Manager

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: dkerr (@)

Through its various departments, Lac Ste. Anne County provides a spectrum of services to community and industry stakeholders including emergency and response planning advice and support, public awareness and prevention program support and emergency preparedness planning guidance. Alberta's Emergency Management Act mandates local authorities to prepare for and respond to disasters that occur within their boundaries, establishing authority for a local emergency management program. A by-law should describe the local structure, authorize the municipal emergency plan and outline any mutual aid arrangements with neighboring local authorities. Once the revised plan is in place, the Emergency Management Team will work with our municipal partners to develop regional response strategies to regional events. A Fire Services and Emergency Preparedness Program grant will help this initiative.

Carole Marciszyn-Peacock
Director of Emergency Management

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: cpeacock (@)

Lac Ste. Anne County Enforcement is a “quality-of-life” service that provides County residents with animal control, bylaw and traffic enforcement resources. Please note that the Enforcement department does not provide emergency response services. In the event of a FIRE, POLICE, MEDICAL or other emergency, please dial 911. All matters involving incidents that are criminal in nature must be forwarded to the local police service. Complaints and inquiries made after hours will be followed up by an available officer – either immediately if on duty, or during the very next business day. Enforcement personnel will respond as quickly as possible given call volume and priority of calls received. If you call the Enforcement department after hours, simply follow the instructions when prompted, and your call will be forwarded accordingly. To ensure you receive proper assistance, please provide your name, contact number, address, and a brief description of the nature of your complaint.

Dallas Choma
Enforcement Services Supervisor

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: dchoma (@)

Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services proudly serves our growing and vibrant County with a composite fire suppression model made up of full-time, part-time, and volunteer members. Every member is a dedicated, highly-trained professional with an exceptional level of competency, who places a high value on the services provided to our residents, friends, and municipal neighbours.

Randy Schroeder
County Fire Chief

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: rschroeder (@)


Lac Ste. Anne County Enforcement is a “quality-of-life” service that provides County residents with animal control, bylaw and traffic enforcement resources.

Trista Court
General Manager Community & Protective Services

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: tcourt (@)

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services department provides corporate, information and administrative services that support the other departments in their daily management of Lac Ste. Anne County. Services provided within this department encompass accounts payable, accounts receivable, insurance management, website development, economic development, reception, utility billing, taxation, assessment, information technology, payroll, purchasing, budgeting, and financial reporting.


The Assessment department annually prepares, communicates and defends property and business assessments across Lac Ste. Anne County. Through fair and equitable assessments, the resulting property and business taxes support the essential municipal services provided to County residents and business owners. To ensure all property and business owners pay their fair share of municipal taxes, The County conducts assessments each year that reflect the market value for property or the typical net annual rental rate for business as of July 1 of the previous year, as provisioned by the Municipal Government Act. Assessment notices are mailed each year in May. Property and business owners should carefully review their notice and contact Assessment if they have any questions or would like more information.

Robert Smyth
Assessment & Taxation Manager

Tel.: (780) 785-3411 ext. 3606
Email: rsmyth (@)

The Records Management department oversees the creation, organization, maintenance, use, retrieval and disposition of all municipal records. This department ensures business records are readily retrievable so that staff can access the information in a timely manner in order to make an informed strategic decision. This program promotes operational efficiency and the principles of open government, public accountability and enhanced government transparency.

Stacey Wagner
Communications and Information Manager

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: swagner (@)

The Economic Development department is committed to helping retain and grow existing businesses while promoting new prospective businesses to the Lac Ste. Anne County region. This department works to encourage growth within the business sector, with an additional focus on tourism within the County. Through the hard work and commitment of this department, many of the County’s economic development initiatives are realized.

Cindy Suter
Executive Secretary / Economic Development Director

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: csuter (@)

The Finance team’s most significant milestone between 2016 and 2017 was the implementation of substantive improvements to the budget process. The 2017 budget process developed a funded multi-year capital infrastructure plan that helps expand our capital perspective to a ten-year outlook, ensuring that the urgencies of today don’t overshadow the long-term needs of the community. The budget process was also modified to better focus on zero-based budget practices and service level consideration, and includes a public engagement element for budget planning.

Carla Callihoo
Finance Manager

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: ccallihoo (@)


The role of Human Resources department is to provide expertise and assistance to administration and Council in various areas including compensation & benefits; occupational safety; labour relations; payroll; recruitment; and organizational development. This department contributes to the achievement of organizational objectives through implementation of practical, progressive workplace strategies, and facilitation of ongoing development of County employees.

Mike Primeau
County Manager

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: mprimeau (@)

Lac Ste. Anne County's Information Technology department promotes, enables and leads appropriate technology solutions that are aligned with County Council's goals and mandateto improve and enhance County services. This department maintains the security and integrity of the County's computing infrastructure and data; provides data base administration services; investigates and implements new technologies that may benefit the County; and provides technical support and IT advice to County departments.

Wanda Duplessie
Billing Supervisor & IT Coordinator

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: wduplessie (@)

As the primary contact regarding County Council business matters, the Legislative Services department supports Council’s governance framework and decision-making processes. Legislative Services also supports numerous legislative functions including Appeals, Elections, setting up appointments with Council, and supporting Council and Administration with various legislative needs.

Cindy Suter
Executive Secretary / Economic Development Director

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: csuter (@)

The Payroll & Benefits department is responsible for establishing and maintaining employee records such as pay rates, insurance deductions, association dues, tax levies, withholding taxes, retirement, and other voluntary and involuntary deductions. This department also administers the County's employee benefits program. In 2016, the County engaged Russell Farmer Consulting (RFC) as a Human Resources consultant to improve the level of proficiency in this function.

Debbie Holt
Payroll & Benefits Administrator

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: dholt (@)

The Utilities department plans, builds and maintains Lac Ste. Anne County's physical and environmental utilities infrastructure. The primary function of the this department is to provide accurate and timely customer billing and collection services for County water, wastewater and solid waste utilities.

Kyle Snaychuk
Utilities Operator

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: ksnaychuk (@)

Infrastructure & Planning

The County has roles and responsibilities under the Municipal Government Act (MGA) to manage the use of land to achieve orderly, economical and beneficial development, and to maintain and improve the quality of the physical environment. The overarching objective is to find the right balance between land preservation and responsible and sustainable economic development.


The County's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services department works to capture, store, manipulate, analyze and manage the latest and most accurate regional geographical data. GIS plays an invaluable role within the County by providing current information and data analysis in support of many critical municipal functions including emergency response, County development, zoning, land use, engineering and public safety. Use the information and downloadable resources in this section to quickly and accurately find what you're looking for in Lac Ste. Anne County.

Wayne Tobitt
GIS Technician

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: wtobitt (@)

The Infrastructure department works to enhance, maintain and develop municipal infrastructure within Lac Ste. Anne County a reliable, sustainable, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner. This department provides engineering expertise to the County on a broad spectrum of municipal assets, providing design and construction management services on a wide range of transportation, sewer, water and recreation projects.

Greg Edwards, P.Eng
Director of Infrastructure and Planning

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: gedwards (@)

This department provides guidance, support and documentation for any planning and development initiatives within the County's boundaries. The overarching objective of the Planning & Development department is to find the right balance between land preservation and responsible and sustainable economic development.

Matthew Ferris
Planning & Development Manager

Tel.: (780) 785-3411
Email: mferris (@)

The role of the Public Works Department is to provide essential engineering, operations and maintenance services for those who live, work and play within the Lac Ste. Anne County region. This department is responsible for the day-to-day administration, supervision and maintenance of County infrastructure including County-owned roads, water distribution, and wastewater treatment facilities throughout the County. In order to carry out its tasks, the Public Works Department maintains a fleet of equipment, vehicles, in addition to, seasonal maintenance equipment.

Cal Fischer
Interim Public Works Manager

Tel.: (780) 305-3566
Email: cfischer (@)

About the County

Lac Ste. Anne County is a governing body in central Alberta, Canada. Its administrative office is located at 56521, Range Road 65, Lac Ste. Anne County, near the Hamlet of Sangudo — about an hour's drive west of Edmonton. Founded in 1944, Lac Ste. Anne County's namesake comes from its largest and most historically significant body of water, Lac Ste. Anne. // MORE

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