What is Subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of dividing land into parcels to obtain separate legal titles for each parcel. Subdivision is also used for adjustments of existing lot lines, consolidations and condominiums.

Where can I find More Information?

Before submitting a formal Subdivision Application Form, you may wish to consult with the Subdivision Authority. This will ensure you are aware of existing land use planning policies which may affect your subdivision application. It could also clarify the requirements in the application package. A consultation does not, however, provide subdivision approval. In order to be approved, a formal subdivision application will need to be submitted for review. For more information, download the County Subdivision Brochure in PDF format. Additional Subdivision Information:

Who can Subdivide?

Only the landowner or an agent acting on behalf of the landowner may apply for subdivision. Landowners generally hire or contract an Alberta Land Surveyor or other professional to act on their behalf.

Who Controls how Subdividing Works?

Subdivision of land is governed by the Municipal Government Act and the Subdivision and Development Regulation. The subdivision of land must also conform to the Lac Ste. Anne County’s statutory and non-statutory plans as well as any related provincial agency land use policies. A subdivision for the purpose of a condominium must also conform to The Condominium Property Act.

Developing More than Four Parcels?

If you are developing a subdivision of more than 4 parcels, please consult our General Municipal Servicing Standards to fully understand the infrastructure requirements.

Subdivision Applications and Related Forms

Browse different forms and applications of relevance to County residents and business owners planning to subdivide. If you're searching for a subdivision form or resource not found here, please contact County Planning & Development Manager.


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