The County works in partnership with the Towns of Mayerthorpe and Onoway and the Village of Alberta Beach to provide affordable transportation for seniors and handicapped via the East End Bus Society and West End Bus Excursion Program. Additional financial support is graciously provided by ten Summer Villages: Yellowstone, South View, Silversands, Val Quentin, Sunset Point, Sunrise Beach, Birch Cove, West Cove, Nakamun Park and Ross Haven.

East and West End Bus Schedules

The East and West End bus programs provide affordable transportation to seniors and handicapped, allowing greater independence and access to resources that they would not have if this transportation was not available. This unique multi-municipality venture provides a valuable service to their ratepayers that would be difficult to provide alone.

The bus service consists of scheduled shopping and medical trips to West Edmonton Mall and Spruce Grove, along with excursion and rentals by service clubs, special interest groups and community members.

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