Lac Ste. Anne County area works to enhance the quality of life of its residents through direct service provision, through support to innumerable community organizations, and through its work with a variety of partners. The County’s contributions to residents’ quality of life encompasses many different service areas including fire services, infrastructure, agricultural services, community services and others. Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) is one of these other services. An intent of this municipally delivered service (provincially supported) is to enhance the lives of individuals and families by strengthening their capabilities to respond to challenges faced. To better understand the social needs of community members the County undertook the development of this Social Needs Assessment.

October 2019 Social Needs Assessment Report

Through a variety of means including a household survey and stakeholder meetings an examination of the social profile of the Lac Ste. Anne County area was completed.

This information is presented herein and leads to a greater understanding of the needs of residents. This Assessment will enable Lac Ste. Anne County area to make strategic decisions related to resource allocation and partnership opportunities as it addresses the needs identified.

Social Needs Assessment Resources