Fire season begins April 1 in Lac Ste. Anne County each year. Effective January 13, 2011, the County established a year-round permitting system. This means that AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR a Fire Permit must be obtained from your local Fire Guardian for ANY BURNING you would like to do (with the exception of backyard fire pits or burn barrels). Permits for burn barrels became obsolete in 2014 with changes that remain in place today within Fire Bylaw #18-2015. Importantly, even though Burn Barrel permits are no longer required, the County still DOES NOT ALLOW the use of burn barrels in County Hamlets or Multi-Parcel (named) Subdivisions.

Please note that Fire Permits will not be issued for existing fires or ground fires; therefore, any existing fires must be extinguished immediately. Also, a Fireworks Permit must be obtained prior to setting off any Fireworks within the County at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: If your plans at any time of the year include fireworks or burning activities, a fire permit is mandatory.

It is unlawful to burn without a Fire Permit and you may be fined as per the County’s Fire Bylaw. It is also unlawful to set off Fireworks without a Fireworks Permit and you may be fined per the County’s Fireworks Bylaw.

Fire and Fireworks Permits are FREE, so your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Residents interested in obtaining Forest & Prairie (Wildfire) Insurance should contact their insurance agent, as a number of insurance companies and brokers offer this type of insurance coverage as an add-on to existing farm/house policies.

If there is a fire on your property and Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services provides fire suppression, the County may invoice the land owners for those costs. Please call the Fire Services Department should you have any questions regarding fire insurance or billing for fire suppression costs at 780-785-3411 or Toll Free at 1-866-880-5722.

To obtain a Fire or Fireworks Permit, please contact the Fire Guardian in your Division, listed below, or call the County Office at 780-785-3411 or Toll Free at 1-866-880-5722. We encourage you to work with the Fire Guardian for pre-planning of your burning, such as pile sizes, location of piles, weather concerns, and necessary equipment to have on hand. NOTE: Fire Guardians will respond within 24 hours to make arrangement for issuing a Fire Permit, so please plan your burning with this in mind.