A Brief Overview on Cemeteries within Lac Ste. Anne County:

Lac Ste. Anne County has a total of Thirty One cemeteries within its borders. Of these thirty one cemeteries, Lac Ste. Anne County owns the land for nine. Seven are privately owned-and-operated by private community organizations and other Municipalities, which leaves fifteen owned-and-operated by various Church organizations. Lac Ste. Anne County owns, and is fully responsible for the management of five cemeteries. Of those cemeteries, three are no longer accepting burials:

  • Hillside Cemetery located NE-03-58-08-W5,
  • Riverview Cemetery located SW-01-57-07-W5, and
  • Lac Ste. Anne County Cemetery located RL4-25-54-04-W5.

This leaves Lac Ste. Anne County responsible for the operation and maintenance of two cemeteries within its borders: Onoway Municipal Cemetery and Fern Valley Protestant Cemetery.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase A Burial Plot?

Onoway Municipal Cemetery

Plot price:$350 (+ G.S.T)

Ongoing Maintenance Fee:

$120 (+ G.S.T)

Total Cost: $470 (+ G.S.T)


Fern Valley Protestant

Plot price: $295 (+ G.S.T)

Ongoing Maintenance Fee :

$120 (+ G.S.T)

Total Cost: $415 (+ G.S.T)

Onoway Municipal Cemetery is located at SE-33-54-02-W5

Fern Valley Protestant Cemetery is located SE-20-55-03-W5

StatusName of CemeteryRural AddressContact
OPENHeatherdown Cemetery54031 Rge Rd 20M. Parker 780-967-5443
OPENOnoway Municipal Cemetery2312 Twp Rd 545County 780-785-3411
OPENSt. John's Anglican Cemetery (Evangelical Cemetery)2106 Hwy 37W. Breitkreuz 780-967-5581
OPENSt. Peter & St. Paul Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery55401 Rge Rd 22M. Bishop 780-443-4064
CLOSEDSt. Mark's Catholic Cemetery56115 Rge Rd 13J&D Schulte 780-967-5062
OPENSt. Peter's Anglican Cemetery/Sion St. Luke's Church (& Cem)2001a Twp Rd 570H. Saumer 780-719-0644
OPENFern Valley Protestant Cemetery55315 Rge Rd 34aCounty 780-785-3411
OPENRich Valley Cemetery (First Baptist Church Cemetery) 56314 Rge Rd 31J. Babuik 780-967-4254
OPENStanger Cemetery55407 Rge Rd 62R. Tuftin 780-674-7712
CLOSEDSt. Francis Of Assisi56118 Hwy 764G. Lovich 780-785-2689
OPENThe Captain Paulson Cemetery5225 Twp Rd 562M. Byers 780-717-0836
OPENRuthenian Greek Catholic Cemetery5332 Twp Rd 562D. Lovich 780-785-2689
CLOSEDBallantine Lutheran 5031 Twp Rd 570County 780-785-3411
OPENLisburn Community Cemetery6312 Twp Rd 564L. Kerr 780-785-3195
OPENSouth Park Cemetery56422 Rge Rd 71V. Chay 780-785-2829
CLOSEDBallantine St. John Lutheran 57006 Rge Rd 45County 780-785-3411
OPENCoyote Ukrainian Community Cemetery5318 Twp Rd 571M. Petersen 780-785-2848
OPENSt. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery54131 Rge Rd 32A. Hickie 780-924-2452
CLOSEDLac Ste. Anne County Cemetery4006 Ste. Anne TrailCounty 780-785-3411
OPENLac Ste. Anne Mission Cemetery300, 3510 Ste. Anne TrJ. Harvard 780-892-2089
OPENDarwell County Cemetery54215 Hwy 765D. McDonald 780-785-2907
OPENLake Isle Divide Cemetery54330 Rge Rd 55T. Ambrose 780-892-2815
OPENSt. John's Ukrainian Catholic56117 Rge Rd 80V. Williams 780-785-2604
CLOSEDPadstow Cemetery8122 Twp Rd 564County 780-785-3411
OPENRochfort Bridge Cemetery57118 Rge Rd 80P. Kurytnik 780-961-3345
OPENMayerthorpe Cemetery8430 Twp Rd 574aD. Hagman 780-786-4324
CLOSEDHillside Cemetery58032 Rge Rd 82County 780-785-3411
OPENGreencourt Cemetery9217 Twp Rd 582A. Krysik 780-786-4678
OPENCosmo Cemetery57301 Hwy 654J&D Hall 780-785-2077
CLOSEDRiverview Cemetery57015 Rge Rd 71County 780-785-3411
OPENPeavine Cemetery7020 Twp Rd 590C. Hall 780-785-2609

About the County

Lac Ste. Anne County is a governing body in central Alberta, Canada. Its administrative office is located at 56521, Range Road 65, Lac Ste. Anne County, near the Hamlet of Sangudo — about an hour's drive west of Edmonton. Founded in 1944, Lac Ste. Anne County's namesake comes from its largest and most historically significant body of water, Lac Ste. Anne. // MORE

Contact Information

  Box 219, Sangudo AB T0E 2A0
 lsac (@) lsac.ca
 (780) 785-3411
 (780) 785-2359