A keysone species in Canada for millennia, beavers are prolific throughout Lac Ste Anne County. Despite its status as a Canadian icon, the beaver poses considerable challenges to farms, communities and County infrastructure each year due to flooding; increased erosion from fallen trees along stream banks; water quality issues; and wildlife/ domestic interactions.

Where possible and permissible, Agricultural Services employs a variety of methods to prevent beaver dams and colonies from compromising the integrity of County roads and infrastructure.

Beaver Mitigation Resources

Beaver Dam Removal
Each year, Agricultural Services proactively removes known problematic beaver dams, and provides dam removal assistance and advice to landowners who request the removal of nuisance beaver dams from their properties.

Working with Landowners to Manage Beaver Populations

If left unchecked, beavers can cause substantial damage to County infrastructure and private property alike. The County employs a number of humane, environmentally friendly strategies to keep beaver populations at bay, remove water blockages due to beaver habitats, and mitigate damage and loss wherever possible.

The County strives to have many “tools in the toolbox” when managing beaver populations, including a tail bounty program; a full-time problem wildlife officer; and equipment dedicated to removing dams. The County also works with landowners who wish to keep beavers on their property