Help for Animals During COVID-19

As we continue to make our way throught he COVID-19 pandemic, the SPCA wants to remind animal owners that they're here to help. The SPCA knows that when people are suffering, their animals suffer too.

The Alberta SPCA is here to help. They want to hear from people before their animals are in distress.Call the toll-free Help for Animals line at 1.833.621.0725 Between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm daily, or Click Here to fill out the SPCA help request form.


The SPCA asks that its help program is used as a last resort. They want to ensure the program is available for Albertans who are truly in need. The intention of the SPCA's Help for Animals program is to help residents care for your animals on the property where they reside.

Through its Help for Animals program, the SPCA can provide “feed in place” resources including limited delivery of feed to predetermined/agreed upon location for distribution, as well as help arranging for livestock feed. Please note that the SPCA cannot:

  • Accept surrendered animals
  • Accept or manage stray animals
  • Accept requests for medical intervention
  • Enter private dwellings and/or remove animals

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