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Property and business taxes are key sources of revenue for any region. These revenues allow the County to deliver the many programs, services and utilities on which ratepayers rely.

To ensure all property and business owners pay their fair share of municipal taxes, The County conducts assessments that reflect the market value for the property or the typical net annual rental rate for business as of July 1 of the previous year, as provisioned by the Municipal Government Act.

County assessors conduct site inspections annually, and update property assessments accordingly.

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Assessment notices are mailed each May, and are due by June 30.

Whether you own property or run a local business, you should carefully review your notice once you receive it in the mail. If you have any questions or concerns about your assessment notice, contact the County's Assessment department for more information.

If you did not receive your notice or have questions that have not been answered by the information on this page, please call the County Administration Office.

Tax Revenue Fuels the County

Property and business taxes are key sources of revenue for the County. These taxes provide the County with the funds required to deliver the many day-to-day services and programs that citizens need, want and deserve, such as:

  • Road construction and infrastructure maintenance
  • Parks, leisure facilities and programs
  • Enhanced fire and emergency services
  • Numerous other community-focused initiatives
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