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You need a fire permit for practically any type of burning — at any time of the year.

The only exceptions to the County's year-round fire/fireworks permitting system include backyard fire pits, burn barrels, and consumer & family (low hazard) fireworks.

To get the permits you need, contact your local fire guardian. Use the table below to contact the fire guardian in your dvision.





Jurgen Preugschas

780.204.2500 (cell)


Kristina Szabados

825.777.7768 (cell)


Samme Bradshaw

780.919.9966 (cell)


Stephen De Zaeyer

780.967.5714 (landline)


Tracey Brown

780.497.0585 (cell)

By contacting your local County Fire Guardian, you'll have access to great knowledge about where to build your burn piles, how big and how far apart to build them, and when the best conditions for burning are. Additionally, you’ll get the proper paperwork to avoid a possible fine for an un-permitted burn.

About Farm FireSmart

Conceived in 2019 by County Fire Chief Randy Schroeder of Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services, Farm FireSmart was established to help identify and address the unique challenges faced by farmers, ranchers and acreage owners as they prepare for wildfire — or better yet, prevent its occurrence in the first place.

Farm FireSmart is endorsed by FireSmart Canada and augmented by a growing cadre of progressive Fire Services departments like the Whitecourt Fire Department.

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