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The Calcium Dust Suppression Program helps reduce the impact of dust on residential rural properties adjacent to County roadways.

To participate in this optional program, your application form must be submitted by 4:30 pm on April 30 of the year of application. To qualify, you must have your municipal address sign posted prior to submitting your application.

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Private Residential Dust Suppression Costs

Historically, private calcium dust suppression services were offered to residents at a subsidized rate. This program was reworked in 2019 to make it fair and equitable, and to avoid any budget implications.

At this time, two dust applications are available (please note that prices are subject to change prior to an upcoming season).

  • Purchasing calcium with a gravel application = $877 + GST/100 meters (minimum)
  • Purchasing calcium without a gravel application= $558 + GST/100 meters (minimum)

Choose Your Pricing Option

It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify the County's Public Works department, via application, which pricing option they prefr. In an effort to reduce cost, Lac Ste. Anne County will be applying all County-chosen locations (intersections most susceptible to washboard) without a gravel application.

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