County Connect is a free County service that lets you opt in to get critical notifications as they happen, via the devices and channels you choose.

Register below to start receiving alerts on fire bans, service interruptions and other important local news. You can also opt in for emergency alert messages from Canada's national emergency alerting system (Alert Ready). When you register, you can select which types of critical alerts you want to receive, and how to receive them (phone, text, email or social media). Try County Connect today and stay in the loop like never before.

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Register with us to stay up to date with all the latest news, upcoming events, emergency alert messages from Canada's national emergency alerting system (Alert Ready), and other critical notices from the County.

Simply fill out this form to start receiving County Connect notices. When you register, you can choose to receive notifcations via:
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  • Community Notices
  • COVID-19 public health restrictions
  • Updates from the RCMP
  • Important County events
  • Critical messages from Canada's national emergency alerting system (Alert Ready)
  • Travel and highway condition updates
  • Severe regional weather conditions