Problem Wildlife

Humane Management of Animal Populations

We strive to maintain healthy wildlife populations while controlling species known to cause a disturbance. Control doesn't always mean destruction; it includes trapping and relocating as well.

The County will not participate in any unnecessary reduction in wildlife populations; only in their control to numbers agreeable with the land's carrying capacity and tolerance of the producer.

Problem Wildlife

Humane Management of Animal Populations

Current Predator & Animal Control Programs

Beaver Control Program

The County has introduced a flooding prevention incentive in place. This program is designed to help control beaver overpopulation on private land. Under this incentive, $20.00 per beaver tail is available, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The landowner must first notify the County of the problem with beavers, giving a legal description of the property and the description of the flooded area, i.e. hay land, cultivated land or pasture.

  2. Landowners and authorized persons must sign an affidavit that the beavers were destroyed within Lac Ste. Anne County and that these animals were causing flooding of agricultural land.

  3. The total amount paid out by the County on this program is limited to the amount provided in the budget prepared by the Agricultural Service Board.

  4. Agricultural Services Manager may establish limits on the amount payable to a landowner or authorized person.

  5. Beaver tails will be collected upon appointment with our Pest Control Officer. Arrangements can be made for collection by contacting the Lac Ste. Anne County office.

  6. Beaver tails less than three (3) inches in length are not acceptable for payment.

Coyote Control Program

For more information about the Coyote Control Program, please contact the Lac Ste. Anne County Agricultural Services department at 780.785.3411(toll-free 1.866.880.5722) or agriculture (@)

Controlling animal populations does not always mean "to destroy" but may include trapping and relocating as well.

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