The County’s Community Services department provides a spectrum of customized services designed to enhance the capacity of community leaders, organizations, and individual residents to achieve their goals, address community issues and make a positive contribution to the region. Community Services provides quality programs and services through collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances with community groups, non-profit organizations and residents.

Making a Positive Contribution to the Lac Ste. Anne Region

The department builds capacity within the community to improve the quality of life of all citizens, and strives to build a future full of opportunities for all.

This Department is responsible for the development of all regional community parks, recreation and cultural facilities, but also has the honour of working with diverse community groups, individuals and government agencies to ensure that there is always something fun and exciting happening in this unique part of Alberta.

Programs Developed and Managed by the Community Services Department

Celebrating our Seniors
From June 1 to June 7, let's show appreciation for Lac Ste. Anne County's seniors and all that they contribute to the region.
Onoway Playschool
Each Spring, Lac Ste. Anne County Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) accepts registrations for the Onoway Playschool Program, running from earlt September to the end of May. Financial assistance can be provided to eligible low-and middle-income families that are registered through an approved program.

Parent Link/ECDI Programs Cancelled

The County learned in late 2019 that provincial funding affecting its Parent Link grant, Early Childhood Development contract, and Early Childhood Coalition of Alberta (ECCA) grant would not be renewed after April 1, 2020.

How this funding cutoff will affect Community Services programs continues yet to be determined. Please be patient as we strive to find answers and solutions regarding this matter. In the meantime, our early childhood programming continues to be an asset in many local communities. Come out and join us – we'd love to meet you and your family!

As many local families are now aware, funding for provincial Parent Link and Early Childhood Development Initiative programming ended March 31, 2020. As a result, Parent Link/ECDI programs have been discontinued until further notice.

Due to this funding cut, Lac Ste. Anne County Parent Link/Early Childhood Development planned to run programming until the end of March. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LSAC has ceased all programming. Unfortunately, no further Parent Link/Early Childhood Development programs or services will be held, effective immediately.