The County's Public Works department provides essential engineering, operations and maintenance services for those who live, work and play within the region. This department is responsible for the day-to-day administration, supervision and maintenance of County infrastructure including County-owned roads, water distribution, and wastewater treatment facilities throughout the County.

In order to carry out its tasks, the Public Works Department maintains a fleet of equipment and vehicles in addition to seasonal maintenance equipment.

The County's Public Works staff is responsible for maintaining the transportation network within the County. Maintenance of the County infrastructure includes road repairs, cold mix overlays, cold-mix patching, graveling, dust suppression, hydro axing, mowing, and winter maintenance/snow plowing.

Gravel Program Update

The County's annual gravel program focuses on maintaining quality rural roadways to enable safe travel for the travelling public. Click the link below to view the most current road maintenance status. The County endeavours to update this map on a weekly basis.

Seasonal Road Maintenance Programs

Dust Control Program
The purpose of the Calcium Dust Suppression Program is to assist in the reduction of the impact of dust on residential rural properties adjacent to County roadways. If you wish to participate in this program, the Application deadline is April 15 of each year.