Being a Good Neighbour

Preserving Agriculture, Wildlife and Open Spaces

Whether you're new to the County or a long-term resident, this section contains helpful information and resources to help you find your way. Please take a moment to explore some common rules, recommendations and and bylaws which set a minimum standard for neighbourhoods and help ensure the collective enjoyment of our communities.

Dog Control

Whether on your own property or not, your dog is not allowed to be a nuisance to any resident. By definition, nuisance includes waste and disposal of waste, trespass on another property, a threat to public safety or noise.

Rural Addressing

Rural addressing is a standardized way to identify and locate rural properties. Lac Ste. Anne County has enacted a municipal rural addressing system for use by emergency services crews, and for purposes like providing directions for delivery services.


The greatest wildfire threats to homeowners are the transfer of wildfire from house to house (direct heat) and ignition from ember showers. FireSmart involves simple actions a homeowner can do to their home and property to help decrease wildfire damage.

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