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The latest updates for regional producers

Annual Field Surveillance Program Underway

Agricultural Services is on the lookout for several diseases and pests common to regional crops.

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13th Annual Rural Beautification Tour, 2022

Take a day trip on the coach bus and visit some of the loveliest yards in the County. 

Update: Weed Inspection Activities and Locations

The County’s annual weed inspection program to target noxious and prohibited noxious weeds is underway. 

Widespread Avian Influenza Outbreak

An outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza is occurring in wild and domestic birds across Alberta.

Annual Weed and Crop Inspection Scheduled To Begin Soon

Reminder: Agriculture Services' countywide crop and weed inspection will commence soon

County Offers Verbenone for Mountain Pine Beetle Mitigation

Learn more about the mountain pine beetle, and how landowners can purchase Verbenone pouches from the County to mitigate infestations.

Roadside Vegetation Management Program

Reminder: Roadsides and subdivisions will be spot sprayed between May and September (and mowed from June to October). 

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