Gravel Program

Annual Gravel Road Maintenance Schedule

Roughly 90% of Lac Ste. Anne County's 2033 kilometers of roadways are gravel roads. As such, the Public Works department continually strives to secure equipment, aggregate resources and crews for current and future road maintenance. Each season, County crews maintain close to 500 kilometers of gravel road.

Maintaining County Infrastructure

The County's Public Works staff is responsible for maintaining the transportation network within the County. Maintenance of the County infrastructure includes road repairs, cold mix overlays, cold-mix patching, graveling, dust suppression, hydro axing, mowing, and winter maintenance/snow plowing.

The annual gravel road maintenance program includes:

  • road grading

  • shaping

  • adding material

  • removing washboards and potholes

  • dust control

1,866 kilometers of County-managed roadways are gravel.
1,866 kilometers of County-managed roadways are gravel.

Summer Road Oiling Projects

As part of its dust abatement program, the County applies oil to some of its gravel roadways. These roads have the appearance of a hard surface road, such as asphalt. The following roads are scheduled for oiling during summer 2021. Other roadways may be added to this list.

  • RR33 from Hwy 633 – county limits north to summer village border ½ mile
  • RR 30 from hwy 633 south to TWP 535 (3 miles)
  • Lakewood estates – interior section (1 mile)
  • Corsair Cove Subdivision and access lane (2.5 miles)
  • RR 31 between 570 and 572
  • RR 51 (Lessard lake road) from Hwy 43 to Twp 554 (2 miles)
  • RR 84 between Twp 584 and Hwy 18
  • Twp 540 between Hwy 43 and Lake wood Estates subdivision entrance
  • Twp 570 from Hwy 33 west 1 mile
  • Rich Valley subdivision
  • Twp 552 between Hwy 43 and RR 40 ( 2 miles)
Gravel Program Map

Road Maintenance

During gravelling season, the County provides weekly updates on its gravel program. Click below to view a current map that shows proposed gravelling, completed roads and other road maintenance details.
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Alberta Transportation and their contractors are responsible for the following highways: 18, 22, 33, 37, 43, 633, 642, 654, 757, 764 and 765. Please direct any questions or concerns about these highways to Emcon Services at 1.800.390.2242.

Other Seasonal Road Maintenance Programs

Calcium Dust Suppression Program
The purpose of the Calcium Dust Suppression Program is to assist in the reduction of the impact of dust on residential rural properties adjacent to County roadways. If you wish to participate in this program, the Application deadline is April 30 of each year.

Road Maintenance Facts & Figures

Regardless of the season, maintaining municipal roadways is a huge undertaking. Explore this infographic to learn more about what goes into the seasonal upkeep of the County's range roads and township roads.

Remember: the Province has jurisdiction over highways and secondary highways — not the County.

Gravel Program Maps