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ASP Underway for Heatherdown Road Area

An area structure plan (or ASP for short) is being developed for the Heatherdown Road area located in the County’s southeast. This new ASP is designed to identify opportunities to intensify development of rural residential properties in this locality, while incorporating compatible industrial and commercial development.

The ASP will contain a land use concept plan, servicing and transportation infrastructure analysis, and stormwater management plan — all of which are being developed through extensive engagement with stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement Underway

The County is committed to developing a practical plan that reflects the needs of residents and businesses — both within the ASP area and throughout the County. With baseline research for the plan completed in late 2022, the Planning & Development team has progressed to the stakeholder engagement phase.

In early January, roughly 75 mailouts were sent to County residents and businesses in the Heatherdown area. The County seeks to foster awareness and elicit feedback that will be vital to further developing, refining and finalizing the ASP.

Finalization of the Heatherdown Road ASP is slated for April/May 2023, with formal adoption by County Council shortly thereafter. Click Here to review an information package for the proposed Heatherdown Road ASP.

What is an Area Structure Plan?

Within Alberta, a series of documents govern how and when land is developed — and ultimately defining what can or cannot be built on a property. These documents start at a high level and province-wide scale, gradually decreasing in scale all the way down to individual properties. A diagram of these documents, and how they relate to each other, can be found in the information package for the proposed Heatherdown Road ASP.

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a statutory land use planning document that must be adopted by bylaw by County Council. An ASP proposes what the future land uses within the boundary will be, the anticipated population density, the sequence of development, and the general location of transportation and public utilities, over the development of the area.

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